Fixing errors during patching of the Veeam Recovery Media in combination with tmpfs /tmp

If you try to patch the Recovery Media in Veeam Agent for Linux, you might encounter the following or a similar error:

The reason for it is most likely that your system uses tmpfs for /tmp and runs out of space during the patching process.

In my case, I encountered this issue when using the free Veeam Agent for Linux on a system that is running TUXEDO OS, which is based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

To fix the issue, I created a separate directory on my root drive and assigned it within the [core] section of the veeam.ini config file as tempFolder.

To do so follow this steps:

  1. Create the separate directory (you can basically create it wherever you want, just make sure you have enough free disk space at its location):
    sudo mkdir /.veeam-tmp

  2. Open the Veeam config file /etc/veeam/veeam.ini and add the line tempFolder = /.veeam-tmp within the [core] section:

     # Custom temp folder
     tempFoler = /.veeam-tmp

Note: to patch the Recovery Media you also need to install the package squashfs-tools manually, otherwise you will receive an error as well. To do so execute:

sudo apt install sqashfs-tools